DIY Tuesday: Ginger & Wild Orange Candle & Room Spray

Today we’re making yummy holiday aromatherapy recipes to make everything smell nice!  They’re also great for creative gift ideas!

  • Holiday Room Spray
  • Ginger & Wild Orange Candle

Holiday Download – This is where you can go to get the recipes, printable stickers, gift boxes for roller bottles, and table tents.  This is ideal for a DIY class.  There are also raffle tickets included so you can raffle off finished gifts at your classes.

Holiday Lookbook – This is full of creative gift ideas, but it also has the stickers already printed and cut out.  At $1 each, they’d be perfect to have available at your DIY class for your attendees to use and take home.

8 oz. Spray bottle – This is for the Room Spray.

4 oz. glass jar – This will make the perfect-sized gift candle!