DIY Tuesday: Autumn Recipes

We’ve got some yummy Autumn recipes for you today!

  • Wound Spray
  • Autumn Room Spray
  • Focus Blend

The Autumn 2016 DIY Download has lots of stickers, recipes, gift labels, and other goodies.  We recommend that you buy the Download first, and then order the materials that you’ll need for each class…. or you can have your class attendees bring their own supplies to make it more cost-effective for you.  * Tip: Make sure you’re logged in when you purchase the Download so it comes to your account.

The Wound Spray is great for kids’ owies and such.  Use the 2 oz spray bottle to make it in (check out the awesome colors we have for these!).

The Room Spray is super yummy smelling and will evoke the feeling of Autumn instantly!  It uses the 4 oz spray bottle.

The Focus Blend will help so much in staying focused or helping your kids stay focused in school.  It also smells amazing.  It uses the 10 mL Roller Bottle.  Use the Essential Oil Tool Keychain to make it easy to get the top on and off.