DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Using Essential Oils

In need of some last minute ideas for for Mother’s Day gifts?

Make and give a gift that will keep on giving–and take you just a few minutes.

What: Do-it-Yourself Diffuser Necklace

What you’ll need:

  1. DAS Clay (Air drying)
  2. any stamp of your choice
  3. Cord or String
  4. Lava Beads
  5. Rolling Pin
  6. Bottle Cap
  7. Straw or toothpick

How: Watch below for a demo!


  1. In our crafting these, we found it was easiest to stamp the flat, rolled out clay first, and then cut out the circular shape. That way the flattening that happens during stamping doesn’t destroy the shape of the circle.
  2. You may choose to roll the clay out on some wax paper, so they don’t need to be moved until they’ve completely finished drying
  3. Thinner cord makes it easier to thread both ends through one lava bead, but if you’re using thick cord, twist the ends together and cover them with tape. Thread the tape through the bead.


Add essential oils to the lava beads and voila! A special, made with love Mother’s Day gift that diffuses essential oils they go.

For an extra luxurious feel, pair your diffuser necklace with some DIY shower melts (recipe found here) and wrap them up in a glass tumbler she can use all year (which, P.S., is safe to put essential oils in!)