DIY Dryer Softener Balls

herbalessentialoilI absolutely love the smell of Lavender Essential Oils! I use it all day and I even use it when I make my own perfume. So I found this great DIY that gives me some of the benefits of lavender aroma all day without having to carry a portable diffuser around. Make a dryer softener ball that transfers your favorite essential oil aroma to your clothes. I use lavender but you could use any essential oil that benefits you the most or just smells the best!

Dryer Softener Balls
100% wool or animal yarn
Pantyhose (you can reuse your pantyhose with runs in them!)
4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil

Make 4 or 5 yarn balls that are about the size of tennis balls. Cut the ends and tuck them into the ball.
Cut one leg off of the pantyhose (that has runs in it) and put one yarn ball in the bottom of it.
Secure the yarn ball in place by tying a knot around the ball. After this put another yarn ball in the panty hose and secure it the same way. Do this for all 5 yarn balls.
Fuse the ball together by washing and drying the yarn balls on the highest heat setting.
Once they’re dry, remove the pantyhose and add your favorite essential oil.
Dryer softener balls are ready to use in your next laundry load!

I always get compliments when I use lavender with my dryer softener balls but you can use any essential oil that works best for you. This is such a fun and easy way to get that EO aroma your love all day.

Try it out and tell me about it. What EO did you use?