Digital Tools for Your Oil Business

During our Spring Soiree, three digital marketing tools for oil businesses were showcased!

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is all the rage, and critical to your marketing strategy, especially network marketing. In the video below a Retortal brings you SocialToolsNow. You can try this social media management tool for 28-days free! SocialToolsNow.Social This awesome tool also allows you to connect not only your doTERRA ID, but your favorite oil product retailer, Oil Life. Have you own “tool store”. Sign-up to find out more!

Automated Lead Communication

Communicate regularly and to the specific needs of your oil business leads with this mobile app.  This platform enables you to put your prospects on tracks, and have automated follow-ups and content delivered directly to their phone! You can sign-up at and join the SSPro community here

Personalized Selling with Health Scanner

This health scanner will tell you specifically which products your customer needs, right in the moment. Take it with you wherever your prospects may be. Learn more at

Join us next month, for our event April Showers!