Convenience With Oil Life

  Whether you are a busy mom on the go, a doting grandmother, or a single guy who cares about his health, we can all agree on one thing: convenience makes life simple!  Here at Oil Life, we’ve taken this truth into consideration for you by designing several clutches and cases for your essential oils.  

  No more spills; no more bottles being lost in your “Mary Poppins” purse; no more essential oil rollers being damaged by knocking into each other!  Depending on your needs and style, we’ve created fashionable and functional accessories to best assist you in your overall well-being.  So, sit back and relax, and let’s get you better acquainted with a few of them:


Oil Life Sample and Travel Cases

  • Our modern and sophisticated Vegan Leather Clutch is perfect for 5ml, 10ml, and 15 ml roller bottles, and is a MUST for a fast-paced lifestyle!  It’s size is complementary to any bag of your choice, or simply carry it with you!
  • Want more security for your essential oils?  Look no further than our Hard Shell Case!  Each case comes with a protective elastic band for your roller bottles, and depending on which count you’d like, can carry 6-10 essential oils!
  • What if you can’t decide which sample vials to bring with you on vacation?  This dilemma is over, thanks to our CD Case!  With its cushioning insert foam which can hold up to 49 sample vials, you’ll always be prepared for fun in the sun!
  • If you don’t have our Sample Vial Keychain Pouch, you are missing out!  This handy dandy case can carry up to 10 sample vials, and comes with its own carabiner attached; accessible to any keys or bag!


 Maintaining your health and wellness just became a whole lot easier– thanks to Oil Life and our sample and travel cases!