Candle Gazing Tutorial With Vela Essential Oil Candles

It’s Friday, and we’ve got one foot in the weekend, and one foot in all the things that need to get done before we actually get there.

This is a perfect time to pull out a candle!

Candle gazing, combined with aromatherapy (you can do this by using an essential oil candle), can help improve vision, concentration, self-confidence, decision making, work-efficiency, and insomnia– all by just taking a couple minutes to concentrate on a flame.

What’s more, the Vela Essential Oil Candles are 100% natural.

No fragrance oils, no harmful additives. Made with all natural soy wax, all natural carrier oil, and 100% cotton wick. So you know the only thing your body is being exposed to is a chance to relax and reset.


Vela offers 3 different kinds of “oily” candles, so you can choose the one that best suits what your body is asking for right now.
relaxing, regenerative, soothing, antidepressant
-helps with: migraines, emotional balance, hay fever, anxiety, sleep issues

Opens airways, invigorating, cooling, analgesic
-helps with: alertness, energy, and cravings

Decongestant, anti-viral, can help move emotions from “unsure” to “collected”
-helps with: bronchitis, cold, flu


So how does candle gazing actually work? Follow along with us in the tutorial below!

Tips to remember:

Take 5-7 breaths to settle into the moment

Place the flame either at eye level, or on the ground in front of you in a place where your gaze falls naturally. Gaze at the flame, keeping your focus in place (even though it’s hard not to look at the beautiful Vela packaging), but keeping the gaze soft. Try not to strain your eyes or stare hard at the flame.

Hold your gaze without blinking for as long is comfortable for you.

Candle gazing can be very personal practice. You can choose to visualize the flame burning your insecurities, anxieties, worries; replace them with love instead. You may choose to repeat the practice more than once, or to listen to soothing music or affirmations as you meditate. 

When you are finished, close your eyes, and cup your hands over them.

Breath deeply

Take 7-8 closing breaths.
Some opportune times to meditate include before studying, sleeping, morning, or evening (we basically love any time for taking a moment to reset).

Would you use Peppermint, Melaleuca or Lavender for your candle gazing?