Brand New Facial Gemstone Rollers

One of the things we love about you, our Oil Lifers, is your openness to alternative holistic medicine and methods, and our BRAND NEW facial rollers are no exception! Each of these facial rollers have their own stunning gemstone; Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Jade.

Gemstones are traditionally a part of Chinese Medicine and are reputable for the energy they emulate, but in recent years, gemstone facial rollers are creating some buzz. Why? Because, each gemstone is said to have its own unique healing properties found in their distinct minerals:

Amethyst has many properties, but is most commonly used for treating anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Amethyst is known as the intuitive stone and is said to promote calming, positive thoughts.  We know we need a little clarity in life from time to time, and if you would agree, then the amethyst facial roller is the one for you!

Rose quartz is referred to as the love crystal/magnet. In particular, rose quartz encourages unconditional love. Rose quartz is said to evoke self-love/worth and care, and facilitates positive thoughts, as well as trust in relationships. Love is the foundation of life, and here at Oil Life, we want to be sure yours is full of love in abundance with our rose quartz facial roller!

Jade is a protective and balancing gemstone and is thought to inspire luck and wealth.  Herald as the lucky charm, jade instills positivity and ambition. Jade is also known as the gemstone of eternal youth and is believed to be anti-aging. Yes, we have found the fountain of youth and it comes in this jade facial roller!

Regardless of whichever roller best suits you, all three of these facial rollers detoxify, drain the lymphatic system, stimulate blood flow and circulation, and decrease inflammation and puffiness during use. There are some studies which even suggest all three of boosting immunity; while the rose quartz and jade are believed to help aid with the kidneys and adrenal glands.

So, after washing your face, and whether with an essential oil/serum or moisturizer, be sure to use one of our facial rollers in your skin care beauty routine!