Boost Classes with DIY – Make and Take!

It’s a new year and we KNOW you’re all planning to go Diamond this year!! Can we get a “LET’S DO IT!!” SO first things first! What are some creative ways you plan to increase the effectiveness of your classes and expand your network!? Have you considered adding a DIY that your friends, family and consumers can make and take home with them after class!? We just LOVE our DIY kits and we CAN’T WAIT to share them with you!


1st 30 minutes = DIY make & take ( Here’s a video on how to do one of our DIY’s! )
Next 40 minutes = Intro to Oils Class
or 30 minutes after class = DIY make & take

Here’s a fun video on how to make our Sage Essentials Decongestant and Skin Salve !

Some of our Fav Winter DIY’s include:

1. Our Winter DIY download

2. Decongestant and Skin Salve – Sage Naturals

3. Hand Soap – Sage Naturals

4. Aroma Inhaler Kit

5. Fitness DIY Class Kit

6. Personal Care Essential Living

Why and How to add a DIY experience to your next class:

1. Keeps subjects fresh and fun and relevant!

2. Helps you reach different groups of people!

3. Oil experiences help your oils sell themselves!

4. Charge a small fee: $3-5/attendee (to help cover costs)..OR.. just use as a great experience to add on and gift it to them for free!

5. Why not try a fun ice breaker game ?! I’ve Got An Oil For That!

Download our January Calendar for more fun ideas, inspiration and motivation!

We love you at Oil Life!!! Have an awesome day!