Aromatherapy On The Go

We all know how beneficial aromatherapy can be in our homes, but why does this have to end when we travel?  By using one of our car diffusers, you can still absorb health benefits; all while reaching your destination!

Our Envy Car Diffuser holds 5ml of oils and is sold for $8.99.  This car diffuser requires no power and nothing, but essential oils!  Simply, clip the Envy to any car vent and the A/C in your car will diffuse the oils for you (because of this, runtime and square footage will vary)!

Why not try our CarScent Travel Essential Oil Car Diffuser and our USB Breeze?  Both are sold for $9.99 and require insert pads for your essential oils; although the USB Breeze can be used outside the car as well.  The CarScent and the USB Breeze each cover up to 100 square feet and run anywhere from 3-4 hours!

Finally, don’t discount our extremely popular Odyssey Car Diffuser which is sold for $24.99!  All you need to do, is plug the Odyssey Car Diffuser into the charging socket while your car is on; press the “mist” button to start the diffuser, and, if you desire, turn on the light button to set the mood (runtime is 5 hours)!

Whether on your commute, at a traffic standstill, or on a road trip, take advantage of our car diffuser options and make being in the car something to look forward to with your essential oils!