April Showers- Event Recap.

Out with the old, in with the new, fresh, clean, healthy and natural; bring on the April Showers!

This live event was all about new beginnings and how to start fresh, and live fresh using essential Oils.

We went over food and gifts for showers (bridal, baby, etc.), healing emotions with oils, and some great-and easy-cleaning recipes using The Essential Life Book and some potent oils.

Missed it? No worries at all–we’re here for you. The entire event is segmented below, for your viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to look out for May’s event: “Clean and Cleansed.” Follow along live for the chance to win prizes throughout the night!

Shower Foods

These foods are perfect for any event you might be hosting, and you can count on them to be memorable and different from the typical. What’s even better, each is made using essential oils. Welcome the spring with a Pineapple Blueberry Salsa (yes, salsa. And it’s so good), Lemon Yogurt Bread, and Ginger Ale Limeade!

Recipes can be found here:

Shower Gift Ideas

Going along with our shower theme, we’ve put together some gifts that will make your loved ones starting a new beginning feel loved and able to take on the world, one natural, chemical-free, reusable wool dryer ball at a time.

Truly. Gifts during transitions and new beginnings can mean a lot. Give a lot of heart, and something they’ll actually use, in just a few minutes.

Included: diffusing blend recipes, natural detergent, bath bombs, and more.

Products mentioned:

The Essential Life Book http://bit.ly/EssentialLifeBook
Olive diffuser vase http://bit.ly/2qeWRSc

Emotions and New Beginnings

Need a little spring cleaning on the inside? Amanda Porter (co-author of Emotions and Oils) shares how our experiences affect our brains and emotions. She walks us through how to identify what emotions we’re feeling, and how to find the oil that can offer healing from that emotion. We watched it live, and it’s amazing. Have you used this book? Did you try these exercises?

for questions: customerservice@enlightenhealing.com

Products mentioned:
Emotions and Oils Book http://bit.ly/2qdFSzM

Slideshow slides:

Spring Cleaning and Starting the Season Fresh!

Of course, we couldn’t end without working out some cleaner recipes. Tis the season to clear the cobwebs! (and the soap scum, and prevent mold, and clean your veggies)

We walk through three DIY natural cleaner recipes using water, vinegar, and essential oils.

Shower Cleaner
Mold and Mildew Preventer
Fruit and Veggie Wash

We loved these recipes– they are so potent. As a side note, The Essential Life Book also gives an option to include Borax in the soap scum remover recipe (which we used here for a shower cleaner). That works really well also; our tip on using Borax is to make sure you heat your water beforehand. This will allow the Borax to dissolve into the solution instead of sit at the bottom. Happy cleaning!

Products Mentioned:
The Essential Life Book http://bit.ly/2ppJsnA
16 oz Amber Bottle http://bit.ly/2qf03KF
8 oz Amber Bottle http://bit.ly/2ppE7fL
Spring DIY Download http://bit.ly/2nCyMjB
Spring Lookbook http://bit.ly/2nBHzRZ